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Date published: 2005/07/29

The Cambridge Evening News says:

Stansted Airport has launched its biggest consultation yet into plans to expand the current runway to its maximum capacity of 35 million passengers a year.

An exhibition explaining the development will be taken to 27 towns and villages between now and the end of the consultation in October.

Airport managing director Terry Morgan promised that no-one living within 15 miles of the airport would be more than five miles from an exhibition.

Stansted expects to reach its current limit of 25 million passengers a year by 2008. In the spring of next year it will submit a planning application to Uttlesford District Council to increase that figure to 35 million, which it expects to reach by 2015.

Meanwhile, in a separate phase of development, the airport plans to go out to consultation on the proposed location of a second runway in November and produce a Final Master Plan and submit plans for a second runway in 2007.

It forecast that the earliest date for a second runway to open would be 2013.

The airport already has permission for additional buildings and infrastructure which will meet most of its needs for 35 million passengers - more than the number using Gatwick, which currently stands at 32.2 million. Heathrow caters for 67.7 million passengers annually and Luton has more than seven million.

Another fatuous consultation foisted on the public. 99% of the people responding will be against the airport just because they live nearby and are NIMBYs. The 99% of people in East Anglia who will benefit will not be consulted and will not be particularly bothered by the consultation one way or the other. Will Stansted Airport pay any attention to the views submitted? Hopefully not, but that just shows how pointless the exercise is, it is just intended as a marketing exercise. This is one reason why infrastructure developments cost so much in the UK, vast amounts of money are wasted on non-infrastructure costs. (Another reason is that land is expensive because the ruling elite refuse to allow most of it to be used for anything except for industrial agriculture.)

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