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Date published: 2005/07/31

Jessops has a service whereby you can submit digital photos in the store (e.g. on a CD or memory stick) and they will produce paper prints for you. For example, for 6 inch by 4 inch photos, ready the next day, they say they charge the following:

1 to 449p each
5 to 3920p each
40 to 4915p each
51+10p each

Unfortunately this price structure leads to a situation where sometimes it is cheaper (absolutely) to order more prints. The graph shows the cost of printing as a function of the number of photos. For example, 25 photos cost £5.00 but 50 cost £4.99. Nobody rational should ever order 3-4 or 25-49 photos, since you can order more for less cost. Jessops digital photo printing prices

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