Azara Blog: The IAEA is awarded the 2005 Nobel peace prize

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Date published: 2005/10/07

The BBC says:

The 2005 Nobel peace prize has been awarded jointly to the United Nations' International Atomic Energy Agency and its director, Mohamed ElBaradei.

The citation says the IAEA's director is a "fearless advocate" of curbing nuclear arms and the importance of his agency's work "incalculable".

The nuclear watchdog's work to promote safe nuclear energy was also commended.

Mr ElBaradei said the award recognised that the spread of nuclear weapons was the world's worst security threat.
He began a third term at the IAEA last month after the US withdrew complaints that he was being "soft" on Iran.
Opponents of nuclear civilian energy condemn the agency's parallel commitment to civilian atomic power.

In the words of Greenpeace International, Mr ElBaradei is both "nuclear policeman and nuclear salesman".

Not for the first time the Norwegians have stuck two fingers up to the Christian fundamentalists who run America, and that seems to be the main reason that the IAEA and Elbaradei were awarded the prize. But it's interesting that the environmental fundamentalists also take a negative view of the IAEA. And presumably the Islamic fundamentalists who run Iran also don't like the IAEA. All of which starts to make the IAEA look more deserving than it is.

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