Azara Blog: The NHS Confederation wants incentives to run the NHS

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Date published: 2005/10/10

The BBC says:

The NHS should be rewarded for getting people off incapacity benefit and back into work, say health service managers.

An NHS Confederation report says the NHS could play a key role in helping many people currently claiming incapacity benefit back into work.

But it says the money saved should be spent on the health service.

Around 2.6 million people currently claim incapacity benefit. A government Green Paper on benefit reform is due this autumn.

Currently, any savings made from getting people off incapacity benefit go back to the Department of Work and Pensions.

But the NHS Confederation says the health service should be incentivised to help tackle the problem.

What a ridiculous idea. First of all, it means the NHS would be incentivised to claim that patients are healthy when they are not. Secondly, "savings made from getting people off incapacity benefit" do not currently really go to the Department of Work and Pensions, instead they just mean that the overall UK tax burden is decreased. If the NHS were for some reason making (a lot of) money off incapacity benefit reductions then you can guarantee that the rest of the overall UK health budget would be decreased in compensation.

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