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Date published: 2005/10/24

The BBC says:

Down the years, the Olympic Games has thrown up some enduring images.

Black American Jesse Owens competing in Nazi-ruled Germany; bare-footed Zola Budd sending US favourite Mary Decker crashing to the floor, or Sir Steve Redgrave winning his fifth gold medal.

These are just some of the most recalled moments.

It is safe to say that carbon emissions or waste generation from a Games would not feature in anyone's list of top sporting moments.

But London 2012 is hoping to build a bridge between the growing awareness of environmental issues and the role the Olympic movement plays in the green agenda.

London has teamed up with environmental groups WWF and BioRegional to form the concept of "One Planet Olympics".

The idea is based on the environmental groups' One Planet Living campaign, which says global consumption and pollution levels need to be brought back within the Earth's ability to absorb the demands humans place upon it.

David Stubbs, head of environment for the London 2012 team, says the idea will help people make the link between sport and the environment.

He is taking the piss. The only thing one can say with certainty is that tens of thousands of the richest, and therefore most polluting, people on Earth will descend on London in 2012. Just getting there will probably cause more per capita emissions than the average citizen of the developing world will cause in a year. There is very little "link between sport and the environment" and there is very little link between sport and the Olympics, and the only link between the Olympics and the environment is a negative one. The fact that there will be some immediate window dressing in the vicinity of the Olympics counts for little. Indeed, most of the VIPs in attendance are being paid to attend by their governments or otherwise, so are paying exactly nothing for all the environmental damage they are causing. The people attending are a large part of the problem, they are not part of the solution. And will Coca Cola, McDonalds, IBM and all the other big advertisers be happy that the London 2012 team is allegedly promoting the idea that "global consumption" is allegedly too high and needs to be reduced? It's only too high for the rich people promoting this agenda.

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