Azara Blog: Exhibition of Dale Chihuly glass at Kew Gardens

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Date published: 2005/10/30

The Royal Botanic Garden at Kew this year has a large exhibition (ending 15 January 2006) of glass by Dale Chihuly. Up until Kew, Chihuly was probably best known in Britain for his exhibition in 2001 at the Victoria and Albert Museum (and there is still a large "chandelier" by him in the V&A entrance lobby). But the Kew exhibition is far larger, and in a far better setting. The Temperate House and the Princess of Wales Conservatory contain most of the pieces, although there is also one large "star" in the Palm House, and there are more pieces on the pond and in front of the Palm House and in one of the "White Peak" shops (the latter in a formal setting, behind glass). Chihuly's work can be overly complicated (especially his large pieces), and they often have the kind of pretentious titles (e.g. "Macchia") beloved of artists, but the overall quality is very high and the exhibition is definitely worth a visit. Supposedly all (or at least most of) the pieces are for sale but the price even for small pieces is a few thousand pounds.

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