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Date published: 2005/10/31

The BBC says:

British citizenship tests are being launched across the UK.

The 45-minute test - covering government, society and practical issues and costing £34 - comes into force on Tuesday.

People seeking to become British will take the test at one of 90 centres across the country, before taking part in a formal citizenship ceremony.
The "Life in the UK" test is the last of a series of changes to how people become British brought in by the former Home Secretary David Blunkett.

Potential citizens must answer 75% of the questions correctly to pass, but they are allowed to retake it until they pass.
Among the 24 questions in the test are:

The Life in the UK citizenship guide for prospective new citizens includes information on British history and society, its institutions and political system - but also practical issues key to integration such as employment, healthcare, education and using public services like libraries.

Apparently another question was to identify the two telephone numbers which could be used to dial the emergency services. You have to wonder how many British people would be able to answer 75% of the questions correctly. And needless to say they are largely irrelevant. Except that they teach you the most important British skill of all, how to play the system.

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