Azara Blog: Blair says technology needed to deal with climate change

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Date published: 2005/11/01

The BBC says:

Technology and science will provide at least part of the solution to global warming, Tony Blair said as 20 nations held talks in London.

The prime minister was speaking at the two-day G8 summit of energy and environment ministers.

The focus is on curbing climate change through technology, not binding deals.

Mr Blair said there were divisions over the Kyoto climate agreement. But he said economic growth could be combined with helping the environment.
Mr Blair said people were very nervous about talks of specific frameworks and targets.

"People fear some external force is going to impose some internal target on you which is going to restrict your economic growth," he said.
Many opposition politicians and environmental groups are critical of any move away from Kyoto, saying that binding targets are the best way forward.

Liberal Democrat environment spokesman Norman Baker said: "It is all very well for the government to trumpet the merits of technology in reducing carbon emissions, but it simply isn't enough; we need robust, measurable targets, not just vague aspirations."

Conservative shadow environment secretary Oliver Letwin is in Washington for talks with Republican congressmen about climate change. He said technology and market forces had to be used to fight climate change.

But Mr Letwin added: "We also believe it is essential to have a post-Kyoto treaty with clear targets."

Mr Blair stating the obvious. Unfortunately most of the British chattering classes, including the Lib Dems and the so-called environmentalists, do not like technology (unless it is more than 200 years old) so would rather spend all their time and effort trying to lower the living standards of the workers of the world in order to reduce carbon emissions.

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