Azara Blog: Blair still wants dictatorial powers

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Date published: 2005/11/03

The BBC says:

Tony Blair has said he still wants to give police controversial new detention powers - despite facing stiff opposition in the House of Commons.

Home Secretary Charles Clarke on Wednesday headed off a possible defeat on plans to allow terror suspects to be held for up to 90 days without charge.

But Mr Blair said police had asked for the powers and should get them.

"This is not an issue to play around with," he said, accusing critics of putting terror suspects' rights first.

"The civil liberties of the majority who need protection should come first," the prime minister told BBC News.

The usual dreadful utterances from Blair. The "civil liberties of the majority" already come first, terror suspects can currently be locked up for 14 days without charge. Mr Blair should not give powers to the police just because they ask for them. Otherwise he might as well just declare a police state (officially) and be done with it. He needs to give a coherent argument to justify his proposal, something which he seems unable to do. "Trust me" does not work from a serial liar. The sooner we get rid of Blair the better.

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