Azara Blog: Exposure to electrical equipment allegedly does not cause ill health

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Date published: 2005/11/04

The BBC says:

There is no scientific proof exposure to electrical equipment causes ill health, say scientists.

Researchers from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) looked at research into electrical sensitivity and reports from patients.

The HPA said people could have real and unpleasant symptoms.

But they said there was insufficient evidence of a direct link between electrical exposure and these symptoms, which can often be disabling.

Electrical sensitivity is a condition which some people attribute to exposure to electromagnetic fields associated with the electricity supply.

It is unclear how many people suffer from the condition, with estimates ranging from a few per thousand people to a few per million.

As everybody knows, not finding a cause is not the same as the cause not existing, so some day a real medical condition might be determined. But even if such a condition is never discovered, this kind of report is largely irrelevant, because people who believe they suffer from some condition such as this are never convinced by any evidence to the contrary. In particular, people with health problems often try to blame the external world, in particular modern technology, for their illness because nobody wants to admit the problem just might be personal (of course they are encouraged in these beliefs by so-called environmentalists and other luddite groups who hate modern technology).

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