Azara Blog: More rats deserting Blair on Iraq

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Date published: 2005/11/05

The BBC says:

A former British ambassador to the US believes the Iraq war has played a part in fuelling terror attacks in the UK.

Sir Christopher Meyer told The Guardian "there is plenty of evidence" that "home-grown terrorism was partly radicalised and fuelled" by Iraq.

Sir Christopher, based in Washington until 2003, said: "Don't tell me being in Iraq has nothing to do with it."

A Downing Street spokesman told the BBC that events in Iraq could never justify a resort to terrorism.

Speaking to Five Live, the spokesman added that Number 10 was not in the business of issuing statements to help people sell books.

Sir Christopher, who sat in on crucial meetings between President Bush and Mr Blair in the build-up to the war, is about to publish his memoirs of his time in Washington.

Although he still believed that it was right to topple Saddam Hussein, he expressed misgivings about how the war's aftermath had been handled. "I don't believe the enterprise is doomed necessarily, though, God, it does not look good."

Poor Mr Blair, his reign was going reasonably well until he screwed up big time in Iraq. And Number 10 shouldn't make such dismissive remarks about selling books considering that Blair, when he finally steps down (if he ever steps down), will spend much of his time criss-crossing America charging 100000 dollars a night so that rich gullible Americans can hear his great words, and much of that earning power has come about because of his decision to put the interests of the American government above the interests of the British people.

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