Azara Blog: Mother wants to stop abortions for girls without parental consent

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Date published: 2005/11/06

The BBC says:

A mother says she is confident of changing government guidelines that allow girls to have abortions without their parents' knowledge.

Sue Axon, 50, of Baguely, Manchester, wants guarantees she and other parents would be informed if their daughters were referred for an abortion.

A judicial review of the Department of Health's guidelines begins on Tuesday.

Mrs Axon, who has two daughters, said she regrets having an abortion herself 20 years ago.

Current Department of Health guidelines state terminations can take place without parents' consent and doctors should respect girls' privacy.

"[But] I am feeling dead confident, I really do believe that they will have to alter the law," said Mrs Axon.

"We have got overwhelming evidence to prove that confidentiality encourages sexual activity.

"We have got a very, very strong case that government strategies are damaging children."

Mrs Axon said she had support from other parents but admitted her daughters, aged 16 and 13, had reservations.

"They're teenage girls and girls do believe that parents shouldn't know what they're up to.

"We're alright, though, we're not at loggerheads with it."

Mrs Axon said she had regretted having an abortion when she was 30, saying it made her "physically very, very ill" and she had "emotionally suffered for about 10 years".

"If my daughter needs two paracetamol at school I have to give permission yet the Department of Health has issued this guidance that we parents don't need to know [about abortions]."

On most things in life a parent is presumed to have the best interest of the child at heart when deciding on what the best course of action is. Unfortunately with abortion one has to presume that this is not necessarily the case. And Mrs Axon rather gives credence to this: she regrets her own abortion (at age 30 note) so would obviously want to pressurise her daughters into not having one, whether it was in their best interest or not. Of course the fundamentalist religious nutters are taking over the world so sooner or later abortion generally may well be more restricted or outlawed, and (effectively) stopping many girls from having an abortion would be one step on that road.

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