Azara Blog: Blair defeated on proposed 90-day "terrorist" detention

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Date published: 2005/11/09

The BBC says:

Tony Blair says his authority is intact despite suffering his first House of Commons defeat as prime minister.

He said he hoped MPs "do not rue the day" they rejected his call to allow police to detain terror suspects for up to 90 days without charging them.

MPs voted against by 322 votes to 291, with 49 Labour MPs rebelling, but later backed a proposal to extend the detention time limit to 28 days.

Conservative leader Michael Howard said Mr Blair should resign.

Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy warned Mr Blair could become a "lame duck" leader.

Following the defeat MPs backed by 323 to 290 votes a Labour backbench MP's proposal to extend the detention time limit to 28 days, from the current 14 days.
In his final plea for MPs to back the plans, Mr Blair urged MPs to take the advice of the police who had foiled two terrorist plots since the 7 July attacks in London.

A vote for democracy and against the terror mongers Blair and Bush. The only downside is that any future terrorist incident will see Blair with his crocodile tears saying "see I told you so". Blair's pathetic mentioning of the alleged foiling of two terrorist plots since 7 July (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) was a move straight from his playbook when justifying the illegal war on Iraq to the House of Commons in 2003. (All that secret intelligence telling us Iraq was a real threat which he could not share with us.) Unfortunately it only shows that the police can do their job without locking people up for 90 days. The government of course claimed the 90 days would only be imposed in very rare cases. That's what they said about previous terrorism laws, yet they managed to use these laws against an old man who heckled Jack Straw at the Labour Party conference. Basically, you cannot believe anything Tony Blair or Charles Clarke says. Government with excessive power abuses power excessively.

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