Azara Blog: Bush plays second-rate party politics on Armistice Day

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Date published: 2005/11/11

The BBC says:

Iraq should be regarded as the "central front" on the war on terror, US President George W Bush has said in a speech to mark Veterans' Day.

"We will not rest or tire until the war on terror is won," he said.

Amid new questions in Congress about the intelligence used to justify invading Iraq, he said it was "irresponsible to rewrite history".

The speech comes as an opinion poll suggests less than half of Americans now trust his foreign policy.

Flanked by veterans, he was speaking at the Tobyhanna Army Depot a few weeks after the US death toll in Iraq passed the 2,000 mark.

The time had come, he said, for responsible Islamic leaders to denounce militants who distorted their religion.

Militants, he argued, aimed to build a "radical empire" and were enemies of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Listing some recent US security operations against militants in Iraq, he said: "We're on the hunt - we're keeping pressure on the enemy."

The best way to honour America's dead, he continued to loud applause, was to "complete the mission".

Mr Bush said he was open to criticism for his policies but it was "deeply irresponsible to rewrite the history of how the war began".

As usual Bush is confusing black with white. It is of course he and the other war apologists who are always trying to rewrite the history of how the war began. The intelligence was obviously manipulated. And Hans Blix was undermined by the US administration because Bush wanted a war. The alleged threat from Iraq was a joke (on one side the million pound gorilla, on the other a pathetic military which had been gutted over the previous decade and more). And needless to say, if you substitute "Christian" for "Muslim" in some of the propaganda above, you have a good description of the current bunch of thugs running America. "The time has come for responsible Christian leaders to denounce militants who distort their religion." "Militants aim to build a 'radical empire' and were enemies of Christians and non-Christians alike." And of course Iraq is indeed now the "central front" on the so-called "war on terror", thanks to the illegal and idiotic invasion of Iraq by Bush and Co. The worst president of all time? There's plenty of competition but Bush is right up there.

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