Azara Blog: Violence is allegedly the norm in daily life in the UK

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Date published: 2005/11/13

The BBC says:

Almost every child is affected by bullying and is growing up in a society that sees violence as "the norm", the children's commissioner has said.

Professor Al Aynsley-Green argued that, despite good work in schools, there is still denial about the "existence, severity and effect" of bullying.

He told The Observer that violence had become the norm in the workplace, on television and in the home.

His comments came ahead of the start of Anti-Bullying Week on 21 November.

Professor Aynsley-Green, who is the children's commissioner for England, told the newspaper: "I have no doubt that children are being brought up in a society where violence is the norm in many ways.

"I include in this the violence on television, in the workplace and in the home.

"I have had hundreds of in-depth conversations with children since accepting this post, and I can tell you that the one thing every child I have met has been affected by, with virtually no exceptions, is bullying."

He plans to use Anti-Bullying Week to ask the government to compel schools to give children a questionnaire on the issue every term.

He said: "I want to pay tribute to much of the extremely good work going on in schools but, from what children are telling me, there is still a lot of denial about the existence, severity and the effect of bullying in schools.

"It is not going too far to say many schools and teachers are still in a state of denial about this issue."

Who is this guy kidding? "Violence [is] the norm in the workplace, on television and in the home"??? He obviously lives in some alternative universe from the rest of society. It's amazing anyone in Britain manages to get through the day without a black eye, the way he is telling it. Of course he has to justify his existence as the children's commissioner, so of course has to find problems anywhere and everywhere. And of course children (and others) get bullied. But keep the problem in perspective and don't pretend that violence is the norm. Get rid of this quango and instead put the money into education.

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