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Date published: 2005/11/16

The BBC says:

Britain's top policeman has warned the UK remains a top target for terrorists as he spoke of the challenges police face in tackling the threat.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair said every community was at risk from "indiscriminate" terrorism.

He also called for a debate on policing, saying forces were seen as a bulwark against anti-social behaviour.

Police were praised following 7 July; but were "savaged" after the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, he said.

Making his first public comments since the government's failed bid to extend the time terror suspects could be held without charge to 90 days, Sir Ian voiced "frustration" at the public "silence" on what it wanted the police to do.

In the annual Dimbleby lecture he said police work was being hampered by the lack of a proper examination of what they were for - whether it was to fight crime or fight its causes, to build stronger communities or enforce zero tolerance.

Gee whiz, Blair has figured out the UK is still a target from terrorism. Next he will be warning us that burglars are loose on the streets of London.

Police were "savaged" after the death of de Menezes because he was completely innocent, because he was killed because of a screw-up in police work, and because the police then tried to cover up the screw-up. If an organisation goofs like that you can hardly expect it to be praised.

And it's fairly obvious what the government wants from the police: meet government targets no matter how it distorts real crime priorities. Oh, and play along with the rhetoric concerning the "war" on terror, so that the public will gladly hand over their civil liberties.

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