Azara Blog: US (and UK?) used chemical weapons in Iraq

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Date published: 2005/11/16

The BBC says:

UK troops have used white phosphorus in Iraq - but only to create smokescreens, Defence Secretary John Reid has said.

MPs are worried by the admission by US forces that they used the controversial substance in the Iraqi city of Falluja - something they had previously denied.

White phosphorus can burn flesh and some MPs say its use will hand a propaganda victory to Iraqi insurgents.

Both the US and UK Governments deny using the weapon against civilians but there are calls for a UN inquiry.

White phosphorus is highly flammable and ignites on contact with oxygen. If the substance hits someone's body, it will burn until deprived of oxygen.

The US State Department originally denied it had been used in last year's assault on Falluja, a stronghold for Sunni insurgents west of Baghdad.

But on Tuesday, Pentagon spokesman Lt Col Barry Venable said the substance had been used as an "incendiary weapon against enemy combatants".

Col Venable also said white phosphorus was not a banned chemical weapon.

Let's see, we launched an illegal war on Iraq partly allegedly because Saddam Hussein was a horrid dictator who tortured and used chemical weapons against the people of Iraq. Now we know that the US government used chemical weapons against the people of Iraq. And, as we have seen several times since the war started, the US government also promotes and uses torture in Iraq and elsewhere in the world. And the new Iraqi government also (surprise, surprise) seems to be indulging in a bit of torture. What a great crusade Bush and Blair have started.

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