Azara Blog: Airbus sells some planes to China

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Date published: 2005/12/04

The BBC says:

The Chinese government and Airbus have signed a co-operation agreement which could see the European aircraft maker assembling some planes in China.

The pact came as Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao toured an Airbus assembly plant at the firm's headquarters in Toulouse.

Mr Wen is expected to sign orders for 70 Airbus aircraft worth $5bn (£2.8bn) during his official visit to France.

The deal could eventually lead to Airbus assembling some of its smaller A320 single-aisle jets in China.

The company said it would carry out a feasibility study to establish whether it should build an alternative assembly point for A320 planes in China.

"One in six planes sold this year will go to China," said Airbus China chief Laurence Barron.

"Next year that will be one in five. We have 30% of their fleet now and hope that will rise to 50% in coming years."

Needless to say Boeing is also doing deals in China. But at least Airbus is in the game, with China providing the obvious growth market in the near term.

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