Azara Blog: Government approves guided bus for Cambridgeshire

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Date published: 2005/12/09

The Cambridge Evening News says:

At last we know - Cambridgeshire's guided bus scheme WILL go ahead.

After months of delay, the Government has given the stamp of approval to the £86 million project.

And that means the first buses could hit the road by 2007.

As well as being the costliest public transport project ever mooted in the county, the guided bus, which will operate between Cambridge and Huntingdon, is also one of the longest-running from a planning point of view.

It was first talked about seriously five years ago when transport consultants looked at ways of tackling congestion on the A14.

The study came up with plans to widen and re-route the road, and proposed ripping up the old Cambridge-St Ives railway, opened in 1847 and mothballed in 1970, replacing the track with a "rapid transit system" - the guided bus.

An efficient bus service would help to keep cars off the A14, and serve the proposed new township of Northstowe on the edge of Cambridge, it was claimed.

The idea has been strongly opposed by some individuals and organisations such as Cast.Iron, a pro-rail campaign group which believes the track should be re-opened for trains.

Time will tell whether or not this is the biggest white elephant to ever hit Cambridgeshire, or whether by some miracle is it a great success. (The fact that government is involved already stacks the odds against.)

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