Azara Blog: MPs are better educated than the public as a whole

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Date published: 2005/12/12

The BBC says:

Nearly a third of MPs and almost two thirds of members of the House of Lords were educated privately, compared to 7% in the wider population, figures show.

A report by the Sutton Trust charity says politicians' educational profiles do not match those of society at large.

It also found 27% of the Commons and 42% of the Lords were educated at Oxford or Cambridge universities.

The trust's chairman, Sir Peter Lampl, said the findings were symptomatic of an "educational apartheid".

Sir Peter said: "The educational profile of our representatives in Parliament does not reflect society at large."

Another silly report from the Sutton Trust. So what is Lampl saying, that unless half of MPs are thick (i.e. representative of "society at large") then something is wrong? You would hope that MPs are better educated (and more talented) than the average British citizen. If only they were even better educated (and talented) than they are. The fact that so many of the British privileged elite (such as Lampl) complain about the background of their fellow members of the elite is not very enlightening.

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