Azara Blog: EU budget deal finally concluded

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Date published: 2005/12/17

The BBC says:

European leaders have agreed the next seven-year EU budget after two days of tense talks ended in the early hours.

The UK gives up 10.5bn euros (£7bn) of its rebate, some 20%, while the budget grows to 862.4bn euros, helping to fund the development of new member states.

In return, France has agreed to a budget review in 2008-2009, which could lead to cuts in farm subsidies.

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair said the deal allowed Europe to move forward, avoiding a serious crisis.

Well, Blair is correct about that. But as usual the French have gotten away with murder. And who would be surprised if the supposed future review of farm subsidies just ends up making the situation worse. French farmers might well end up destroying the EU.

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