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Date published: 2005/12/18

The BBC says:

A hospital in Switzerland says it will allow assisted suicide on its premises for terminally ill patients.

A spokesman for the university hospital in Lausanne said the decision was taken after a long reflection.

He added that the conditions for permitting an assisted suicide remained very strict.

The practice is legal in Switzerland, but only for patients who are mentally competent and suffering from an incurable disease.

From the start of next year terminally ill patients in Lausanne's main hospital will be allowed to take their own lives on hospital premises, as long as they are of sound mind, are already too ill to return home, and have expressed a persistent wish to die.

Until now, hospitals across Switzerland had refused to allow assisted suicide on site and had denied access to the Swiss voluntary euthanasia society, Exit.

This meant that patients wishing to die by assisted suicide had to leave hospital to do so.

The new ruling will give patients access to an external doctor or to a member of Exit.

Hospital staff can choose whether or not they wish to attend the death.

Another step forward. Hopefully the rest of Europe will (eventually) follow suit. The world is far too dominated by religious and other control freaks who are far more worried about quantity rather than quality of life, one of whose consequences is to force many people to die a prolonged and horrible death.

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