Azara Blog: US government investigates leak of illegal government spying

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Date published: 2005/12/30

The BBC says:

The US justice department has opened an inquiry into how information about President George Bush's secret spying programme was leaked, officials say.

The investigation is expected to focus on how the New York Times newspaper obtained the information.

Earlier this month, the paper reported that the National Security Agency had been conducting surveillance in the US without warrants.

Mr Bush later admitted he authorised the programme after the 9/11 attacks.

How quaint of the BBC to take the US government line. Notice how they say it is a "secret spying programme". What they should have said is that it is an "illegal spying programme". And the US justice department of course should instead be investigating Bush. What can you say about the boy king that he feels compelled to repeatedly break the law just to get his own way. (Of course you would have to be pretty naive not to expect all governments of the world to be constantly spying on their citizens, whether or not it is nominally illegal.)

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