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Date published: 2005/12/31

Just outside of Cambridge, in Madingley (or Coton), is located the only American World War II cemetery in the UK. (There is also a World War I cemetery at Brookwood in Surrey.) This provides a timely reminder of what the real impact of war is. Of course World War II was a necessary war, wheras Iraq is an unnecessary war. If only the chicken hawks (draft dodgers), who started the war in Iraq for party political purposes, had half the courage, honour or integrity of the nearly 9000 men buried or remembered in Madingley.

Madingley Cemetery, Cambridge, England: grave stones Grave stones
Madingley Cemetery, Cambridge, England: soldier statue Statue of soldier (designer Wheeler Williams)
Madingley Cemetery, Cambridge, England: chapel mosaic ceiling Detail of chapel mosaic ceiling (designer Francis Scott Bradford)

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