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Date published: 2006/01/01

The BBC says:

Health unions say the government's efforts to give patients more choice could have the opposite effect.

A radical shake-up of the NHS in England means patients are able to choose between at least four hospitals for non-emergency operations.

Ministers say the Patient Choice reforms will cut waiting times and drive up standards of care.

But union leaders fear it could force unpopular hospitals to close and that patients could make wrong choices.

The director of nursing at the Royal College of Nursing, Alison Kitson, said nurses advocated the principle of choice but in reality GPs had insufficient time to research the information required for patients to make the right choices.

And unpopular hospitals could eventually be forced to close, she said.

Another idiotic Tory New Labour idea. (Who needs the real Tories when you have Tory Blair?) Rather than "drive up standards of care" this is more likely to drive up fiddled statistics by hospitals. And as Alison Kitson points out, this does not even provide a real choice.

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