Azara Blog: Pizza Hut allegedly should not be allowed on Mill Road

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Date published: 2006/01/02

The Cambridge Evening News says:

A new Pizza Hut store has sparked a campaign by people to protect their street's "unique" identity.

People living in the Mill Road area fear the opening of a multi-national on their "multi-cultural" street will push local traders out of business.

The new pizza shop opened for business before Christmas at number 83, the site of the old Chariots of Fire pub which burned down in 2002.

But, a group of 20-30 "like-minded young people" have been distributing flyers in the area asking people to "say yes to local independent business and no to multi-national chains".

Helen Flinders, of Catharine Street, Romsey, Cambridge, on behalf of the group, said: "Mill Road is a great, close-knit community and such a diverse and unique bit of town.

"You build up close relationships with the people you see in the shops and I didn't really realise how much I liked Mill Road until I thought about how it could change.

"We don't want it to and we want people to continue using local traders."

The group's aims have the backing of the Cambridge Action Network, the Mill Road Traders' Association and the Romsey Action Group.

Yes, the middle class have spoken. The Mill Road area is rather a dump (not uniquely) but for some reason the middle class folks (those who cannot afford Newnham or somewhere more central in Cambridge) seem to think it is great, perhaps because they can pretend they are still living in 1960s Britain, with small non-chain shops dominating the street. Needless to say, if most residents (and not just the middle class snobs) really don't like Pizza Hut then it will close.

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