Azara Blog: Top UK universities allegedly racist

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Date published: 2006/01/03

The BBC says:

Top universities must make greater efforts to recruit more ethnic minority students, warns Trevor Phillips, chair of the Commission for Racial Equality. "We need to stop pretending that segregation isn't happening," says Mr Phillips.

Writing in the Guardian, Mr Phillips challenged leading universities to examine why they were so likely to be "disproportionately white".

But he warned that efforts must not be "happy-clappy tokenism".

Mr Phillips was responding to reports that students from ethnic minorities were much more likely to be concentrated in the new universities rather than the most prestigious institutions.

Unfortunately Phillips seems to spend most of his media time trying to justify his existence with spurious allusions to alleged racism. Needless to say, the real differentiator with university admissions, as with all else in life, is income, and of course "minority" students come from poorer families on average. The UK should stop wasting money on the CRE (in particular on Phillips) and instead spend the money on something useful (e.g. bursaries for poorer university students).

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