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Date published: 2006/01/06

The BBC says:

Solving the Earth's environmental problems means addressing the size of its human population, says the head of the UK's Antarctic research agency.

Professor Chris Rapley argues that the current global population of six billion is unsustainably high.

Writing for the BBC News website, he says population is the "Cinderella" issue of the environmental movement.

But unless it is addressed, the welfare and quality of life of future generations will suffer, he adds.

Population is the number one problem on the planet (leading to all the other problems). Unfortunately governments in the West usually encourage their citizens to have more children. And the medical establishment spends too much time trying to extend life span, exacerbating the problem. Of course we don't really know what a "sustainable" population level is, it could well be six billion, but that seems unlikely. (Lots of people make estimates, but they are generally just finger waving Malthusians.)

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