Azara Blog: Vegetables allegedly reduce blood pressure

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Date published: 2006/01/10

The BBC says:

A vegetable-rich diet can help to reduce blood pressure, researchers say.

A team led by Imperial College London, which studied 4,680 people aged 40-59, said it was not clear why eating more vegetable protein had such an effect.

But amino acids - the building blocks of protein - or vegetable components, like magnesium, may be key, they said.

However, they found no strong evidence that high meat consumption is linked to high blood pressure. The study features in Archives of Internal Medicine.

All very well. But did a vegetable-rich diet have any downsides? The problem with all studies like this is that they look at one thing in isolation. The best advice on diet for most people is just to ignore all studies on diet, and eat whatever you want, in moderation.

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