Azara Blog: The UK government will continue to waste money on school milk

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Date published: 2006/01/13

The BBC says:

Ministers have said the government will continue to subsidise milk in England's primary schools, together with the EU.

They had been urged to reconsider the annual £1.5m subsidy after a study which said the milk could be bought more cheaply in supermarkets.

Parents usually pay the shortfall between the subsidies and the actual cost.

Ministers say continuing the subsidy will support efforts to make school meals more healthy.

There had been a question mark over the government subsidy after a report for the government by London Economics which said the scheme was inefficient.

The average price schools charged parents for subsidised milk - 11.4p for a third of a pint - exceeded the supermarket price for milk which was not subsidised - 8.4 to 10p.

The report was comissioned by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which has announced that the subsidy will stay.

Not very bright. But presumably the government is wasting money like this to avoid media criticism. Perhaps some day the British body politic will grow up.

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