Azara Blog: Michael Palin likes to fly but apparently thinks nobody else should

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Date published: 2006/01/14

The BBC says:

Environmental group Transport 2000 has denied reports that globe-trotting presenter Michael Palin is facing calls to step down as president.

The Times reported senior members of the group thought Palin's travelling set a bad example and he should go.

"It is nonsense on stilts and seemingly the work of a desperate journalist..," said Transport 2000 director Stephen Joseph.

Palin has made six TV travel shows, including Around the World in 80 days.

"Michael Palin brings popular appeal, wisdom and a sense of proportion to the transport problems we as a society face today," said Mr Joseph.

"Criticisms of the travelling he does as part of his job miss the point. After all, you can't make a travel series in a London studio unless you want it to turn out as an Ealing comedy.

Amazing hypocrisy from Transport 2000 (which should be called Transport 1950, since that is the era which they seem to love, with lots of buses and hardly any cars). Evidently it's ok for the rich and famous to go around the world causing endless carbon emissions, but if an ordinary British worker wants to drive to work or take a well-deserved holiday to Spain they should go to hell, the planet must be "saved". The fact that this endless travelling is part of Palin's "job" is irrelevant. He chose this as his "job", nobody forced it on him, so he has to account for the associated environmental damage. Palin is a funny enough chap, but the fact that he would even think to be associated with this group (especially given the amount he travels) does his reputation no good.

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