Azara Blog: US launches attack inside Pakistan

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Date published: 2006/01/14

The BBC says:

A missile strike apparently targeting al-Qaeda's deputy leader in a village in Pakistan has prompted Islamabad to protest to its American allies.

Ayman al-Zawahiri was not in the village on the border with Afghanistan, Pakistan officials said. But the attack left at least 18 local people dead.

The US military has denied knowledge of the attack, which US media reported had been carried out by the CIA.

But Islamabad condemned the strike and called the US ambassador to complain.

Pakistan's Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed told a news conference the Pakistani government wanted "to assure the people we will not allow such incidents to reoccur".

Well, all the details are not in, but this does not seem a good way to win friends and influence people, rather the actions of a rogue state. The least the US will have to do is compensate these people to the tune of millions of dollars. And imagine what would happen if any country pulled a similar stunt inside the US.

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