Azara Blog: Jack Straw reads from an old script when talking about Iran

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Date published: 2006/01/16

The BBC says:

The UK, France and Germany plan to call for an emergency meeting of the UN's nuclear watchdog to discuss Iran, a possible first step towards sanctions.

After talks in London on Monday, the European powers said they would ask the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to meet on 2-3 February.

Key UN members have agreed Iran must stop nuclear research, the UK says.

Western countries fear Iran aims to build nuclear weapons. Iran denies it, saying it wants civilian nuclear power.

It sparked a crisis last week by breaking international seals on three of its nuclear research facilities.
After the meeting, the UK Foreign Office said the six had agreed Iran must stop nuclear research immediately.

Earlier, UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw had said it was up to Iran to reassure the international community about its intentions.

"The onus is on Iran to act to give the international community confidence that its nuclear programme has exclusively peaceful purposes," he said.

Mr Straw said Western trust had been "sorely undermined by its history of concealment and deception".

Well Iraq is looking more and more like Vietnam, and Iran is looking more and more like Iraq. The Blair and Bush governments said much the same thing about Iraq before they launched their illegal war, as Jack Straw is saying above. Almost every night on British television before the war the Iraqi government denied they had WMD, and almost every night the British government (often Jack Straw) said that the Iraqi government was lying and had to "prove" (whatever that means) that they were innocent. Of course we now know the Iraqi government was not lying. Instead the British and American governments were lying. Let them "prove" that Iran is lying this time around before they start another war (which is where they are heading). And let them "prove" it without embellishing the intelligence, like they did last time.

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