Azara Blog: Clarke leaves cannabis as class C drug

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Date published: 2006/01/19

The BBC says:

The home secretary has decided against reversing the decision two years ago to downgrade cannabis to a class C drug.

Charles Clarke said he accepted the drug could trigger serious mental illness but pledged a publicity campaign to warn of the dangers.

He also announced a wholesale review of the way drugs are classified.

Whoa, what is happening here? Clarke, for once, does something sensible. Perhaps because the media are currently distracted by a witchhunt for sex offenders, so will not cause too much hysteria about this. Well, most ministers are of the era when practically everyone at university smoked cannabis, so looking around the Cabinet table perhaps Clarke didn't perceive enough mental illness to convince him it was really a big enough problem. And what will the publicity campaign say: "smoke cannabis and you too could become a government minister, beware the evils of cannabis".

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