Azara Blog: Prelimianary report by Council of Europe on CIA torture flights

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Date published: 2006/01/24

The BBC says:

European governments were almost certainly aware of the CIA's secret prisoner flights via European airspace or airports, a key report has said. The preliminary report comes from Swiss MP Dick Marty, for the human rights watchdog the Council of Europe.

The US admits picking up terrorism suspects but denies sending them to Arab nations to face torture.

Mr Marty said he could not be certain that the CIA used secret prisons in Europe to interrogate terror suspects.

The BBC's Tim Franks at the Council of Europe says the Swiss senator's report does not appear to reveal hard new facts.

Well nothing really new here. We all know the current American government has promoted torture (they pretty much admit it in all but name). But now that the Council of Europe has entered the fray, you just have to wonder if even now the Republican scum running America are getting ready to run their usual game plan and leak damaging stories (real or made up) about Marty (they certainly will have been tapping his phone and reading his emails). The UK and certain other governments of Europe might have been complicit in the American action, but hopefully most of Europe will say no to torture.

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