Azara Blog: Go to Switzerland if you want to die with dignity

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Date published: 2006/01/24

The BBC says:

A retired doctor has taken her own life with the help of doctors at a controversial Swiss clinic.

Dr Anne Turner, from Bath, had a progressive and incurable degenerative disease called supranuclear palsy.

She travelled to the Dignitas clinic in Zurich on Tuesday, where doctors gave her drugs with which to end her life.

Dr Turner, 66, who invited the BBC to travel with her to Switzerland, could only walk with a stick and faced a future in a wheelchair.

Dismissing concerns that many people might argue that she was far from an invalid, she said that for her death would be a release.

But opponents of assisted suicide said it was wrong to take human life in this way - and argued that good quality palliative care was the right approach.
The Bishop of Oxford, the Right Reverend Richard Harries, told the BBC it was not right to always accede to a person's every request.

"We would not accede to the request of a teenager if they asked for help in killing themselves," he said.

"I know that if a person is old and debilitated and worried about the degenerative nature of their disease that is very difficult.

"But I would want to try to convince them that even if they got into a state where they were very dependent and felt very helpless and useless, their life was still precious."

Who are these sanctimonious control freaks who think they know better how other people should finish their time on Earth than the people themselves. It's unfortunate that people have to travel to Switzerland to end their lives, and that this is a big media story. Perhaps some day the UK (and most of the rest of Europe) will grow up and give power to the people and take it away from the control freaks.

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