Azara Blog: Move to stop people scattering ashes on Scottish mountains

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Date published: 2006/01/25

The BBC says:

Mountaineers have warned of changes to the soil on Scottish summits because of an increase in people scattering the ashes of loved ones. The Mountaineering Council of Scotland has asked bereaved relatives to avoid the most popular sites and even to bury ashes rather than scatter them.

However, it said scattering ashes may be environmentally better than erecting permanent memorials on remote summits.

Soil changes have had a significant effect on mountain plants, it added.

Well trampling all over a mountain also has a significant effect on mountain plants (just look at the wide ruts on the most popular mountains). It's hard to take these control freaks seriously. Humankind has been impacting the environment, directly and indirectly, even in "wilderness" areas, for millenia. The idea that you can freeze the ecology to be just the "right" sort if you don't breathe, is unbelievable. Let people scatter ashes, and if some plant takes nourishment from that, it's called Nature. (People also urinate on mountains, but the control freaks are not going to stop that either.)

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