Azara Blog: Almost half of women in UK allegedly want abortion 24-week limit reduced

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Date published: 2006/01/29

The BBC says:

Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt has said she is not in favour of introducing tougher UK abortion laws.

She said she was against reducing the 24-week limit, but wanted to try to cut the number of late terminations.

Her comments came after a survey in the Observer suggested that 47% of UK women wanted tougher abortion laws.

Anti-abortion campaigners welcomed the results of the survey of 1,790 adults, but pro-choice groups say women need access to late abortions.

Almost half of the women surveyed wanted the legal time limit for an abortion cut from 24 weeks, the Observer said.

Another 10% of women did not agree with abortion "under any circumstances" and only 2% wanted the limit to be extended, the study suggested.

It indicated that 35% of men and 31% of women thought the current time limit for having an abortion was "about right".

Only 2% of women and 5% of men thought the last possible date after which a woman can terminate a pregnancy should be increased from 24 weeks.

Well you have to take the alleged results of any survey with a pinch of salt, especially a survey about abortion. It's quite likely the limit will be reduced from 24 weeks in the not-too-distant future but this would be mitigated if at the same time it was made easier to get an abortion in the first place (i.e. with less interference from control freak doctors). And needless to say, the people who are most vocal about reducing the limit from 24 to (say) 20 or 16 weeks do not really want that but really want it to be reduced to 0 weeks. Fortunately abortion is not currently the big issue in the UK that it is in the States.

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