Azara Blog: Council backs down on traveller site on Cowley Road

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Date published: 2006/01/31

The Cambridge Evening News says:

Plans for a transit site for travellers at Cowley Road in Cambridge have been abandoned.

City council officers have been instructed to stop investigations into the controversial proposal because the site does not offer "value for money".

The site, close to a golf driving range, was first identified in November as being the only possible location within the city for travellers to stay temporarily.

But the proposals for a site where 10 caravans could stay for up to three months were opposed by several businesses in the Cowley Road area, including Stagecoach.

Now the council said it has become clear Cowley Road was unsuitable.
[ Coun Ian Nimmo-Smith, council leader, ] said the council remained committed to providing a transit site and would work with private landowners and other public bodies to identify alternative sites. He said: "By agreement with the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister we are putting in a bid for the capital cost of creating a transit site without specifying where it will be."

Another stupidity by the Lib Dem council. But at least here they have backed down before making an even bigger mess of it. Now they are trying the classic local council trick of setting up a bid for another site "without specifying where it will be". Presumably this time they will try to dump the site in an area where the locals have less political clout than Stagecoach. Actually there is a perfect location already at hand: Lammas Land in Newnham. There is plenty of land there for caravans to park. Let the rich people who run Cambridge show some social solidarity with travellers in their own backyard.

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