Azara Blog: Trevor Phillips wants "black power" in schools

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Date published: 2006/02/02

The BBC says:

Proposals for trust schools could deliver "black power", the head of the Commission for Racial Equality said.

Trevor Phillips told the Guardian the plans would help those children "most betrayed by the school system" and prevent schools becoming "ghettoised".
Mr Phillips said the trust school could be a starting point to address under-achievement among black pupils and increase black community involvement in the school system, which was currently "marginalised, with the odd parent governor here, a rare head teacher there".

"Ironically, the real potential of this White Paper could be to deliver true black power," he said.

The CRE chairman added: "Imagine that we could harness black parents' expertise and commitment more directly into the school system".

Well, not only is it not obvious that trust schools will do any such thing, imagine the furore if Phillips had said "the real potential of this White Paper could be to deliver true white power". Why is the head of the CRE making such comments?

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