Azara Blog: Chris Huhne launches Lib Dem leadership bid

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Date published: 2006/02/03

The BBC says:

Liberal Democrat leadership hopeful Chris Huhne has said that rather than being a "bridge to the future" he could deliver results for the party now.

The former MEP, who only entered parliament last year, insisted he had the ideas to "set the pace".

Launching his manifesto, Mr Huhne said he would fight for civil liberties and attack Labour's "surveillance state".
Mr Huhne, a former journalist and the party's economics spokesman, launched his leadership manifesto at Green Works, a London workshop where unemployed and disabled people refurbish unwanted office furniture for community groups.

The launch was put back two-and-a-half hours due to foggy flying conditions, which delayed Mr Huhne's arrival in London.

Explaining why he had flown rather than travelled by more environmentally-friendly train, he said would be making sure his campaign was carbon neutral.

Like all campaigns, it's full of hot air, so it's hard to know for sure (given his little exposure) what he really stands for. But he has, if nothing else, pushed his "green" credentials and pretty much promised to hammer car drivers (funny, they pay a carbon tax and nobody else does, but never let logic get in the way of fashionable sound bites). So his pathetic excuse for flying is all rather amusing. Evidently he believes there should be one rule for the ruling elite and another for everybody else. Needless to say, his campaign will not be carbon neutral, that whole idea is just a fiction put about by rich people so they can continue to consume vast resources while pretending to be "green".

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