Azara Blog: Blair tries to scare people yet again

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Date published: 2006/02/10

The BBC says:

Guaranteeing security is as important to Labour as fairness, Tony Blair has said as he prepares for key votes on anti-terror laws and ID cards.

In a speech to Labour's spring conference in Blackpool, Mr Blair urged activists to back the plans.

Failure to ensure laws are in place to fight security threats would be an "abrogation of duty", he said.
Mr Blair argued there cannot be an opportunity for people or strong communities without security and Labour must realise security is an essential part of its political purpose.

"Once we understand that providing security is our duty, we also see that to try to fight the new security threat of the 21st century without the new laws and resources that are needed would be an abrogation of that duty," he said.

Blair back to beating the dead horse, still trying to justify dictatorial powers by scaring people. There is no "new security threat", it is just the usual vandals trying to wreck the usual havoc. Blair used the same hysterical approach to bounce the country into his illegal war in Iraq, and it is more than wearing a bit thin.

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