Azara Blog: Church primary schools prefer middle class students

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Date published: 2006/02/13

The BBC says:

Church primary schools in England are less likely than local authority schools to admit children from poorer homes, updated research shows.

In 2005, the Institute for Research in Integrated Strategies identified a similar phenomenon in a limited study.

It has now analysed admissions and eligibility for free school meals in all 17,319 primary schools in England.

Schools in the voluntary aided category admitted fewer poorer children than expected from the area's social makeup.

Almost 19% of children living in the postcode area of church schools were from families eligible for free meals, but only 14% of the schools' intakes were.

Conversely, local authority community schools took a slightly higher proportion of poorer pupils than lived in their local districts.

More pointless "research". Is anyone supposed to be surprised (or worried) about this? The government should stop wasting money on this kind of work and instead put the money into education.

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