Azara Blog: MPs pass law to make it illegal to "glorify" terrorism

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Date published: 2006/02/15

The BBC says:

Tony Blair's controversial plan for a new law to stop people "glorifying" terrorism has been backed by MPs.

The House of Lords voted last month to remove the measure from the Terrorism Bill, but the Commons has now voted by 315 to 277 to reinstate the plan.

Mr Blair said the vote was a "signal of strength" which could outlaw placards glorifying the bombers who attacked London last July.

But the Tories accused Mr Blair of "ineffective authoritarianism".

The Lib Dems and Tories both opposed the law.

They said existing laws - and plans for a new offence to prevent indirect encouragement of terrorism - mean the glorification offence is not needed.

Seventeen Labour MPs rebelled in the vote and some others abstained, reducing the government's usual majority of 64 to 38.

Unfortunately there are too many Labour MPs who put the interest of their party above the interest of the country. One can only hope that the public will see through this cynical exercise and that the next election will see the number of Labour MPs reduced further. No doubt the entire country is sleeping better and safer tonight knowing that Blair's Police will stop anyone from waving placards glorifying the July bombers. But as with previous Terrorism Laws, you can guarantee the Police will use this power mostly in totally inappropriate ways, such as preventing people from heckling members of the government because of their illegal invasion of Iraq.

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