Azara Blog: Small retailers allegedly under threat in the UK

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Date published: 2006/02/15

The BBC says:

The future of small and independent retailers in the UK is looking bleak and they may disappear from High Streets, politicians have warned.

According to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Small Shops, there are concerns that the retailers may cease trading as soon as 2015.

Many are being squeezed out by larger rivals and supermarkets, they said.

However, the British Retail Consortium said the group was "trying to turn the clock back".

If smaller stores are squeezed out, the parliamentary group said that there would be social, economic and environmental consequences felt by local communities.

Convenience stores and grocers are "unlikely to survive" the growth of the larger chains, the group said.

More middle class hysteria based on middle class snobbery (the idea that small stores are somehow inherently better than large shops), and laughably short of the mark. Lucky for these MPs, in 2015 nobody will remember that they wrote this silly report.

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