Azara Blog: A "think tank" wants more money thrown at parents

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Date published: 2006/02/19

The BBC says:

There is an annual 90,000 "baby gap" between the number of children women say they want and the number they have, a study suggests.

There would be 13% more births each year if women actually had the number of babies they said they wanted in their 20s, the IPPR report suggested.

However, a third of mothers who returned to work faced a "fertility penalty" in the form of low paid jobs.

Better childcare and parental leave was recommended by the think tank.

Surprise, surprise, the "solution" to the "problem" is for the government to throw money at it. There are already far too many people on the planet, so why are we supposed to encourage people to have more children? What the IPPR are really saying is that people who are responsible and don't have children are supposed to hand over even more money (via the tax system) to people who are irresponsible and have children. Needless to say the former already hand over thousands of pounds each year to the latter (mainly to pay for education, which at least has some purpose), but of course the people with children are never satisfied and want more and more subsidy for their choice of lifestyle.

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