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Date published: 2006/02/21

The LibDems are now the main party in Cambridge (thanks to Mr Blair). So they bombard citizens with far more junk mail than the other parties combined. This past weekend they outdid themselves, delivering not one, not two, not three, but four pieces of junk mail through the letterbox in one go, two of them identical and all with more or less the same message (of course). Perhaps someone should tell the LibDems that if they are allegedly so concerned about the environment, then perhaps they should be wasting less resources of the planet promulgating their propaganda.

The main point of the leaflets is that the "local NHS [is] in financial crisis". Wow, what a surprise. The NHS is a black hole. No matter how much money you throw at it, you could always throw twice as much. The recent media hysteria over herceptin is a perfect example. It's allegedly a wonder drug (but it's not clear if this is just the manufacturer encouraging hype). But it supposedly (arbitrarily) costs around 20k pounds per patient per year. Well it does not take a financial genius to figure out that that is a heck of a lot of money. But woe betide anyone who points that out. The media hysteria (as encouraged by the LibDems, it seems) says that every and all treatments should be paid by the NHS, no matter what it costs, and no sensible discussion is allowed on the matter. This is just illustrative of the general immaturity of the British political system (not uniquely in the world).

The LibDems also brag in one of the leaflets that "all houses in Arbury now get their plastic bottles collected for recycling every fortnight -- thanks to the Lib Dem Council". Gee, thanks for wasting money on a completely pointless exercise, which consumes far more energy than it saves. The comfortable middle class in action.

The LibDems also apparently "are helping residents campaign for a safer way to cross Gilbert Road and Histon Road". What they fail to mention (of course, since they are politicians) is that there is already a pedestrian crossing just north of that junction. Only most pedestrians don't like walking even ten foot to a crossing. And the crossing is indeed less than perfect for people who live south of the junction. But the LibDems fail to mention (of course, since they are politicians) what their proposed solution is. The only obvious one would be to put in a pedestrian cycle at the junction itself.

Well this would be great for pedestrians but would obviously cause even more serious traffic congestion than already occurs on that section of road. But of course the LibDems hate cars, so sticking two fingers up to drivers is par for the course for them. Unfortunately, as with most LibDem transport plans, making the traffic flow worse on Histon Road is going to cause rat-running on nearby streets. In particular Roseford Road and Perse Way are almost certainly going to get a lot more traffic. (And for some reason, rat-running on those roads has already gotten noticeably worse the last six months or so.) The LibDems are never bright enough to think one step ahead.

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