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Date published: 2006/02/25

The BBC says:

The European Commission has unveiled plans for a world-class institute of technology intended to boost the EU's economic competitiveness.

It would consist of a small central core organising EU-wide research teams.

The move is a response to surveys which show that only a handful of European universities can compete with the world leaders, which are mostly in the US.

The Commission has also noted that China and India are the "coming players in the knowledge game".

Critics of the European Institute of Technology (EIT), as it has been labelled, fear it will divert money away from another new programme to sponsor top-level research.

"Excellence needs flagships - that's why Europe must have a strong European Institute of Technology, bringing together the best brains and companies, and disseminating the results throughout Europe," Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said on Wednesday.

He said it would teach graduates and doctoral candidates, carry out research and be active in innovation.

"We have a really urgent problem with our deficit, especially compared with the United States, in science, research and innovation," Mr Barroso added later.

European Commissioner for Education Jan Figel said Europe had to improve the relationship between education, research and innovation.

"Europe consistently falls short in turning R&D results into commercial opportunities, innovations and jobs," he said.

The name EIT is a deliberate reference to the US's Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which has a strong record as a link between academics and industry.

Not content with destroying European jobs, the EU now seems content on destroying European research. The problem in Europe is not the lack of research and innovation, it is the stifling bureaucracy (much of it introduced by the EU) and anti-entrepreneurial, anti-corporate and anti-commercial attitude prevalent amongst the ruling elite, especially amongst the ruling elite of the Eurocracy (more so the European Parliament than the European Commission). Anything the EU sets up along these lines will just be a black hole of wasted money handed over to people who are well connected in the Eurocracy.

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