Azara Blog: 2006 Winter Olympics medal count

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Date published: 2006/02/26

The final medal count of the Turin (Torino) 2006 Winter Olympics by continent:

2North America16191449100
where points are calculated by giving 3 for gold, 2 for silver and 1 for bronze.

Although Europe had "home field" advantage, these figures are remarkably similar as percentages to those from 2002 when the Olympics were in Salt Lake City, with Europe and North America slightly down and Asia-Pacific up. (For points, the percentages were 72%, 21% and 7%, respectively, in 2002 and are 70%, 20% and 10%, respectively, in 2006.)

The silliest Winter Olympic sport is not the snowboard but rather the short track speed skating. What kind of sport is it where every other match has some disqualification or controversial non-disqualification?

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