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Date published: 2006/02/28

The BBC says:

David Cameron is outlining his vision for a "modern, compassionate" Tory party, which he says will be seen as a "serious alternative" to Labour. The Conservative leader is to ask all members of the party to agree a new statement of its aims and values. He says the Tories "must be different" if they are to show they can offer Britain the change it needs.

And what is this grand "statement of values"? The BBC provides the full text and it is all rather bland. In fact it's just "Mom and apple pie" stuff. Or two fingers down the throat. For example, two random selections:

The more we trust people, the stronger they and society become. We're all in this together - government, business, the voluntary sector, families and individuals. We have a shared responsibility for our shared future.


The quality of life matters, as well as the quantity of money. We will enhance our environment by seeking a long-term cross-party consensus on sustainable development and climate change - instead of short-term thinking and surrender to vested interests. We will support the choices that women make about their work and home lives, not impose choices on them.

All rather pathetic, asking party members to sign up to this. It's basically saying that the Tories are forcing party members to admit they no longer have any dignity and are happy to mouth sweet nothings in an attempt to get elected. The only plus side is that it fits on two sides of A4.

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